2016 Local News Archives

22 Dec

Letters to the Editor

Hamilton Spectator- Dec 22 I do not trust this latest Stelco deal RE: Bedrock bid for Stelco   As a Stelco retiree, I have been living through this nightmare of uncertainty for the last two years. Each deal, each new ...

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15 Dec

The battle over Stelco pension funds, explained

A decade ago, Stelco survived on a promise that it would make up its gigantic pension shortfall over 10 years. But the new deal proposed for the survival of Stelco removes the obligation to make up that shortfall. The new ...

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15 Dec

City, local steelworkers union formally oppose sale of Stelco to Bedrock

The city of Hamilton and Local 1005 steelworkers and retirees are opposing Stelco’s request to be sold to Bedrock Industries, set to be heard in court at 10 a.m. Thursday. Both parties say they didn’t have enough notice of the ...

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12 Dec

CCAA Court Update

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06 Dec

Operation Christmas Cheer

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05 Dec

Stelco flags return to Hamilton

Two flags with a newly designed Stelco logo were hoisted into the sky above the industrial bayfront Friday morning, a windblown message from U.S. Steel Canada that the company is returning to its independent roots. Hundreds of employees, many wearing ...

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02 Dec

Food Bank Collection 2016

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01 Dec

Hamilton ON – 110th Anniversary of 1906 HSR Strike a Huge Success for Hamilton Transit

Amalgamated Transit Union Local 107 commemorated the 110th Anniversary of the HSR Transit Strike last night, on November 24, 2016, and encouraged Hamilton citizens to join them in a battle against the privatization of Ontario’s hydro and transit. Hundreds of ...

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15 Nov

New law should protect pensioners

The Hamilton Spectator, Nov 11, 2016 RE: U.S. Steel Yes the CCAA laws should be changed. That is why the union and Paul Miller are calling for an public inquiry into this fiasco. Pensioners should also be concerned about what ...

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14 Nov

The HSR/ATU Transit Strike

ATU Local 107, inviting you to Hamilton City Hall where we will be commemorating the 110th anniversary of a significant historical event in their union – the HSR/ATU Transit Strike. Back in the early 1900s, a private company, Cataract Power ...

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