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31 Jan

Company Gives Notice to Bargain

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30 Jan

2017 Negotiating Committee

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23 Jan

Mulcair rallies Stelco retirees at 1005 meeting in Hamilton

Federal NDP Leader Tom Mulcair told a room full of retired steelworkers in Hamilton on Thursday that the federal government has been “missing in action” in the ongoing restructuring of Stelco and should be sticking up for the rights of ...

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16 Jan

Wynne Protest Video

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09 Jan

Stand up for Jobs, Pensions, OPEBS

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06 Jan

International Women’s Day


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04 Jan

Tom Mulcair to PM Trudeau: Where are you on Stelco file?

Tom Mulcair will be attending our Thursday meeting on January 19, 2017 at 3:30 p.m.

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22 Dec

Letters to the Editor

Hamilton Spectator- Dec 22 I do not trust this latest Stelco deal RE: Bedrock bid for Stelco   As a Stelco retiree, I have been living through this nightmare of uncertainty for the last two years. Each deal, each new ...

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15 Dec

The battle over Stelco pension funds, explained

A decade ago, Stelco survived on a promise that it would make up its gigantic pension shortfall over 10 years. But the new deal proposed for the survival of Stelco removes the obligation to make up that shortfall. The new ...

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15 Dec

City, local steelworkers union formally oppose sale of Stelco to Bedrock

The city of Hamilton and Local 1005 steelworkers and retirees are opposing Stelco’s request to be sold to Bedrock Industries, set to be heard in court at 10 a.m. Thursday. Both parties say they didn’t have enough notice of the ...

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