Hamilton, 19 August 2016,

“Outrage” is the best way to describe USW 1005 reaction to the latest judge’s decision, not to reinstate Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEBS).

The company is sitting on a mountain of cash and they can well afford to pay OPEBs. We are not talking about the survival of a company, rather the theft of Benefits that was already earned.

It is similar to someone coming into your house, taking money out of your wallet and stealing your money. If one of us did this, we would go to jail.

The Question is why is this allowed?

It shows us that the Judges decision was predetermined with the decision already made by the Monitor, proving the court was a sideshow.

Members expect the government job is to protect their Rights.

Clearly, only the Rights of Big Business are upheld.

That is why we have previously called for a public Inquiry with MPP, Paul Miller.

This is yet another example of why one is required and why we call CCAA LEGALIZED THEFT.

For further information:

USW 1005 905-547-1417

Gary Howe, President, USW Local 1005, 905-531-4078,