We’re hearing a lot in the news that there is still no resolution of the trade impasse between Canada and the United States. But as is often the case, we’re not often hearing the voices of labour on the issue.

Today’s rabble radio interview is with a representative from a trade union which is being directly affected by tariffs on steel and aluminum by the United States which were announced on May 31st. To recap, Canada is set to impose tariffs on American steel and aluminum, plus a wide variety of products. Symbolically, our own tariffs against American imports will come into effect on Canada Day.

In a show of solidarity which is unusual in Canadian politics, there is widespread agreement among all political parties, the general public and labour that a show of strength is the way to go.

Marc Belanger is the host and producer of RadioLabour, a podcast and radio show. He talks to Ken Neumann, National Director for Canada for the United Steelworkers union – the USW.

Listen to the podcast here