TORONTO and VANCOUVER, July 18, 2018 /CNW/ – There is no justification for Canada to be included in an investigation by the United States into whether imports of uranium threaten U.S. national security, the United Steelworkers (USW) says.

The Trump administration announced today that it has launched an investigation into uranium imports into the U.S., once again invoking the so-called Section 232 clause in American trade law that allows for imposition of tariffs or quotas on foreign imports deemed to threaten U.S. national security.

“It is abundantly clear that Canadian uranium exports do not present a national security threat to the United States,” said Ken Neumann, Canadian Director of the USW, which represents workers in the uranium mining and processing sectors in Western Canada and Ontario.

“There is simply no evidence to justify Canada’s inclusion in this investigation in the first place, let alone the prospect of imposing tariffs or quotas on Canadian aluminum exports,” Neumann said.

“As a fair-trading nation with the U.S., Canada must be exempted from this investigation, or any potential tariffs or quotas on Canadian uranium. Targeting Canada’s uranium industry would be absurd and would suggest a deliberate escalation by the Trump administration – for its own political purposes – of a trade war with America’s closest ally,” he said.

“American uranium producers who petitioned the Trump administration to launch the Section 232 investigation have specified that their concern is unfair trade practices by overseas producers – not Canada,” noted Stephen Hunt, USW Director for Western Canada.

“The American uranium industry has indicated that the problem is with heavily subsidized and state-owned uranium producers, primarily from Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, whose practices are undermining fair trade. Canada is not the problem,” Hunt said.


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