A U.S. border state municipal leader told the Hamilton Steel Summit Friday that prosperity has been “put at risk” by the trade war between U.S. and Canada, and it has “negatively impacted the Western New York and Southern Ontario economies.”

Erie County executive Mark Poloncarz said there are many opponents to Trump’s tariffs in the U.S., with himself being among them.

“These tariffs are not solving anything but are creating problems that did not exist before … no one wins by engaging in a trade war,” said Poloncarz, a Democrat, who represents a community of more than one million people.

“We in Western New York stand with you, our Canadian neighbours, in support of the ending of this unnecessary and inevitably fruitless trade war between two great peoples.”

Poloncarz was one of the speakers at the steel summit, an effort to show solidarity and find ways to help the Hamilton’s steel sector, that has been turned into a high-stakes bargaining chip in a trade war with the U.S.

Since June, the industry has been struggling with a 25 per cent tariff on sales to the U.S. amid rancorous NAFTA renegotiations that are continuing.

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