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22 Mar

USW International President Leo Gerard Delivers Industry Update, Addresses Tariffs for House Steel Caucus

The United Steelworkers (USW) International President Leo W. Gerard today told members of the House Steel Caucus that thousands of laid-off steelworkers will soon be recalled to their jobs as a result of relief measures taken by the administration in ...

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16 Mar

Trudeau’s gone and steelworkers still have no answers about security of their pensions

Hamilton NDP pension critic Scott Duvall is on a cross-country tour talking about the CCAA process. Local steelworkers say Justin Trudeau’s Hamilton visit this week left them with key questions about how their pensions will be protected when a company ...

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14 Mar

Max Aicher workers still standing in the cold 5 years after being locked out

Most of the workers have other jobs now, but still picket for 8 hours a week, refusing to go away. The temperature hovered around zero that evening. It was low enough that people breathed into their cupped hands and shuffled ...

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14 Mar

PM Trudeau visiting Hamilton, Ont. to show support for steel workers

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau extolled the virtues of Canada’s steel industry in a visit Tuesday to Hamilton, saying robust measures are in place to protect producers in the country. Speaking in the city known as “Steeltown,” just days after U.S. ...

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08 Mar

Some steelworkers love Donald Trump’s tariffs. Others fear them

Dan Simmons believes President Donald Trump’s plan to slap hefty tariffs on steel imports could save his plant. The U.S. Steel mill in Granite City, Illinois, shuttered in 2015 — a move the company called ” temporary ” at the ...

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20 Feb

Canadian Aluminum, Steel Must Be Excluded from U.S. Tariffs and Quotas: Steelworkers

Canada is not among the “bad actors” engaged in unfair trade and dumping of aluminum and steel into the United States and must be excluded from potential U.S. tariffs and quotas, the United Steelworkers (USW) says. “There is no justification ...

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25 Jan


HAMILTON EAST – After reaching out to the provincial government, the SCRG, a Sears Canada retiree association, has not yet been able to meet with Premier Kathleen Wynne to discuss several proposals that could potentially save Sears pensions. Seeing as ...

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