Local 1005 was officially chartered in 1942, yet had little success since Stelco refused to officially recognize or bargain with the Union. Stelco continued to do everything in its power to stop the growth of unionism. The militant 1946 strike against Stelco was about union recognition and collective bargaining, which was won on the picket line.

Local 1005 has a long standing history in the community of Hamilton, Ontario and surrounding areas, once the largest Basic Steel Local in the country. Through collective bargaining the local has survived and continues to fight for good wages and a standard of living not just for our members and retirees but for everyone in our community, with a goal that everyone deserves to retire in dignity.

Local 1005 would like to remember all the men and women who have contributed to the success of the local and the labour movement, and a reminder to the current and future leadership and membership that there is STRENGTH IN UNITY AND SOLIDAITY.