MANA Lockout

Max Aicher workers still standing in the cold 5 years after being locked out

Most of the workers have other jobs now, but still picket for 8 hours a week, refusing to go away.

The temperature hovered around zero that evening. It was low enough that people breathed into their cupped hands and shuffled their feet to keep warm.

But for Tom Newton and Dave Lowe, it was just another day holding signs.

The two steelworkers are locked out of the Max Aicher North American (MANA) plant at 855 Industrial Dr., and have been for five years.

Since 2013, they’ve gone down there in rain and snow to put in at least eight hours a week — the amount required to get their strike pay. So when Premier Kathleen Wynne visited the Ancaster Fairgrounds for a town hall March 6, they didn’t mind doing it again.

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Rally and Demonstration


VIDEO: USW 1005 Mana Strike Line

USW Local 1005 Mana strike line showing support on November 30, 2017.


MANA Benefit Concert – October 14, 2017

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