President’s Message


Sears Retired Workers are having their pensions cut and losing benefits.

Rally Oct 27,2017 Eastgate Mall . CCAA is Legalized Theft

An 87-year old woman called me on Wednesday. She was married to a Stelco 1005 member who passed away soon after retiring and worked at Sears at the Centre Mall, opened up Limeridge Mall for a total of 40 years at Sears . She bought benefits from Green Shield and was paying $163 a month after Sears announced that she would no longer receive benefits. She told me it made her day when she found out that she had coverage from Green Shield and asked if she could cancel her $163 per month payment to Green Shield. I wanted to share this as we have all seen the FORTUNES made from CCAA and it makes me SICK when I think about this woman, as I think that could be my mother worrying and who worked for 40 years of her life.

Gary Howe